Assignments: CRT-201M1, Fall 2023;  Prof. D. Wade.  
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NOTICE: (posted 11/30/23)
The last day of this class is Monday, December 18.  There will be a final exam.
NOTICE:  (posted 11/22/23 & modified 12/11)

--I will accept past due homework assignments. This does not extend to any assignments due after Monday, November 27 (assignment #30 and up); all such assignments must be handed in on time.
--I will NOT accept assignments marked as being done in class except I will accept simulated labs.  I have extended the cut-off date on such Cengage assignments.
--IMPORTANT:  I will not accept any late assignments after Wednesday11 :30 PM, December 13.
Past Notices:
-All future classes will be in room D-108
-There was no class on Monday, 10/2 and -Wednesday, 10/4.  Problems were assigned instead.
Information Sheet for CRT201M1:
Instruction for e-mailing assignments
E-mail the answers to the instructor as an attachment before the start of class.  Include "CRT201" and the assignment number in the subject line. (E-mails sent during class time will not be accepted.)  Format the answers nicely on the page with the assignment number and your name at the top of the first page.  When answering a question, state the question in addition to the question number; not just the question number.
--All E-mails of any kind sent to the instructor must contain "CRT201" (without quotes) and the assignment number (if appropriate) in the subject line in addition to any other information

How to get to a textbook page number:  First go to Cengage and open up your course.
  • One way to get the textbook is to click on the book icon in the right edge and then enter the page number in the "Go to pg." box at the top. You may have to scroll forward or back to get the exact problem number. 
  • Another way is to click on the desired module, then on "Read", and then on the link to the module reading.   If the table of contents is not visible, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left to bring up the table of contents. Click on the desired section and then navigate to the proper problem number.

Assignments in reverse chronological order (newest first)  rev. 12/11/23

Assignment #34, done in class Monday 12/11/23.  All from the text, Chapter 11:

Assignment, given Wednesday, 12/6/23, due Monday, 12/11/23

Assignment #32 & 33, done in class Wednesday 12/6/23:

Assignment, given Monday, 12/4/23, due Wednesday, 12/6/23

Assignment #31, done in class Monday 12/4/23:

Assignment, given Wednesday, 11/29/23, due Monday, 12/4/23

Assignment, due Wednesday, 11/29/23 and done on 11/29:

Assignment #30, done in class Monday 11/20/23:

Assignment, given Wednesday, 11/22/23, due Monday, 11/27/23

Assignment, given Monday, 11/20/23, due Wednesday, 11/22/23

Assignment #29, done in class Monday 11/20/23

Assignment #28 given Wednesday, 11/15/23, due Monday, 11/20/23

Assignments #26 & 27, done in class Wednesday, 11/15/23

Assignment, given Monday, 11/13/23, due Wednesday, 11/15/23

Assignment #25, done in class Monday 11/13/23

Assignment given Wednesday, 11/8/23, due Monday, 11/13/23

Assignment, given 11/6/23, due Wednesday, 11/8/23

Assignment #25, done in class 11/6/23

Assignment #24, given 11/1/23, due Monday, 11/6/23

Assignment #23, done in class 11/1/23

Assignment, given 10/30/23, due Wednesday, 11/1/23

Test on chapters 1-5 on Monday 10/30  (multiple choice and/or short answers)

Assignment #22, done in class 10/25/23

Assignment #21, given 10/23/23, due Wednesday, 10/25/23

Assignment #20, done in class 10/23/23

Assignment #19, given 10/18/23, due Monday, 10/23/23

Assignment #18, done in class 10/18/23

Assignment #17, given 10/16/23, due Wednesday, 10/18/23

Assignment #16, done in class 10/16/23

Assignment #15, given 10/11/23, due Monday, 10/16/23

Assignment #14, done in class 10/11/23

Assignment #13, given 10/9/23, due Wednesday, 10/11/23

Assignment #12, done 10/9/23, in class

Assignment #11, given 10/4/23, due Monday, 10/9/23

Assignment #10, given 10/4/23, instead of class on 10/4/23

Assignment #9, given 10/2/23, due Wednesday, 10/4/23

Assignment #8, given 10/1/23, instead of class on Monday, 10/2/23

Assignment #7, given 9/27/23, due 10/2/23

Assignment #6, given 9/26/23, due 9/27/23

Assignment #5, given 9/20/23, due 9/26/23

  1. Read through page 107 (end of chapter 2) of the pdf Andrews textbook
  2. in Module 2 Practice Mode: Advanced Hardware Lab Simulations
     do Lab 2-5: Practice Mode: Use UEFI Setup

Assignment #4, given 9/18/23, due 9/20/23

  1. Read through page 85 of the pdf Andrews textbook
  2. finish "Practice Mode: Advanced Hardware Lab", lab 1-3.

Assignment #3, given 9/13/23, due 9/18/23

  1. Read Chapter 1 of the pdf Andrews textbook
  2. Under "Practice" in Module 1, in the Hardware Lab Simulations as shown highlighted below, use the down-arrow to pull down the contents.  Do Lab 1-1 and Lab 1-2.
     picture of assignment 3
  3. In the next module down, "Practice Mode: Advanced Hardware Lab", do lab 1-3.

Assignment #2, given 9/11/23, due 9/13/23

  1. Read Chapter 1 of the pdf Andrews textbook.
  2. I had asked you to do practice problems 1-1 and 1-2 of the Lab Manual.  That was not correct; the correct problems are given in Assignment #3, above.

Assignment #1, given 9/6/23, due 9/11/23

  1. E-mail Prof Wade with your preferred e-mail address.  Be sure to include your name in the text of the e-mail, if it is not obvious from the e-mail address.
  2. If you do not already have the Cengage/Brightspace instruction sheet download it from
  3. Log onto Brightspace so you know the process.
  4. Log onto the Cengage CRT201 course (follow the instructions on the sheet referenced in step 2)
  5. click on the "Advanced Hardware Simulation Prerequisite" module and then "Start Assignment Now"